AOX/TOX Analyzer

With more than 70 years’ experience of high temperature combustion and microcoulometric detection, TE Instruments introduces its new Xplorer AOX/TOX analyzer, capable of fast and preciously detection of various organic halogens, including adsorbable organic halogens (AOX), extractable organic halogens (EOX) and purgeable organic halogens (POX).


AOX/TOX Analyzer

  • Compact size
  • Short start-up time< 15 min
  • Fast and precise measurement of soil and liquid samples
  • Furnace: dual zone, low voltage
  • Ultra-low detection limit, high stability and reliability due to the temperature controlled titration cell
  • Low maintenance, optimal combustion and conditioning of gases results in near to zero downtime
  • Fast and easy switching between AOX, TOX, POX and EOX analysis, resulting in high productivity
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface 


      • GB/T 15959-1995
      • ASTM D4744 Standard Test Method for Organic Halides in Water by Carbon Adsorption Microcoulometric Detection
      • DIN 38409-14 German standard methods for the examination of water, waste water and sludge
      • EN 1485 Water - Determination of adsorbable organic halides (AOX)
      • EPA 1650B Adsorbable Organic Halides by Adsorption and Coulometric Titration
      • ISO 9562 Water quality — Determination of adsorbable organically bound halogens (AOX)


    • Principle: combustion/microcoulometric method
    • Furnace temp. (max):1150°C
    • Sample pretreatment method:Column method and/or batch method
    • Analysis time:3-10min
    • TEIS 2 software
    • Dimensions(W xH xD):40 x28 x70cm
    • Weight:29kg


    Drinking water, Surface water, Ground water,Effluent water,Influent water, Waste water, Cooling water, Salty water, Process water, Pulp and paper products, Soil, Sediment, Sludge and waste oil